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Reels/Video Editing

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion on this list does not equal an endorsement from Actor Salon. These individuals have simply expressed an interest to work on actors’ reels/scenes. Please contact them to discuss rates.

MAKE YOUR OWN REEL CONTACT LIST (click for a downloadable list)

Actor's Gym Original Shorts

All material is original and tailored to each individual actor. Scenes will be shot on location with full crew for 4 days. On-set Hair & Makeup, a wardrobe department, full craft services, and 4 IMDb FILM CREDITS (1 for each short). Cost is $2450 total / $700 non-refundable Deposit to Hold your Spot*. A payment plan will be planned out to suit your needs. You end up with: 4 Original Short Films & 1 fully-edited Demo Reel.

Speed Reels- John Byford

Use the Below Contact Info for an AAS Discount!

John Byford

tel: 310.595.5057


Dylan Bell


Paul Norton


Dave Manship @ EDIT PLUS

(818) 380-0126

Aaron Goold


General Editing:

Immersion Trailer:

Reels: (longer one, actor requested)


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