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Free Audit

Come splash around with Actor Salon!

Dip a toe in the pool of possibility by joining us for a free audit in one of our weekly salons. 


You'll meet one of our coaches, be introduced to our community, grab some fresh career know-how, and experience our "you-focused" approach to accountability.


An audit encourages a new sense of possibility (whats's next?); an awareness of where you are in your career (am I doing enough?); and what it would look for you to join the tribe (are these my peeps?).

"I’m so glad I brought a notebook to my audit; I learned so many new (free!) ideas that I put into practice the very same day."

~ Taylor, Tuesday Morning Saloner

Our intimate small group salons all meet virtually.
Come on in, the water's fine!

NOTE: In our weekly salons, we leave judgment and limiting beliefs at the door...bring your (he)art

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