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Co-Star Letters!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

A co-star letter is a letter that you write for drop offs to casting directors. They are for shows that you want to target co-star roles on. It's one of your 7-14 marketing touches that transparently introduces yourself as an actor building your resume and a legitimate fan of their work.

Possible elements of the letter:

- Introduce yourself and your type and

- Why you see yourself on their show or why you like the show.

- Something from your resume or background that puts them in the world.

- example -  I have EMT training for a medical show.

- Suggest a few types of characters you would be right for.

- sticking with the medical show example, could be emt, young mom of sick kid, new

nurse and tie those into skills/background/previous roles if possible.


1. Come from a position of power. You’re offering something and potentially solving their problem vs. begging.

2. Remain gracious!

These are all just suggestions and everyone will go different directions with it. Draft your letter and bring it in to your coach to find the best wording for yours!

Here are a few examples from fellow Saloners Hailey Graves and Brett Bezad:


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