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Life & Career Mastery Coaching

Simple Steps and Soulful Strategies for Big Leaps

toward Fulfillment and Success


A private one-on-one  coaching session

for actors and other creative beings

Say goodbye to lame marketing, lackluster opportunities, and listless representation.


Say hello to accessing your full potential and 
thriving in your purpose.


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Actor Salon was started to help actors save their time, energy, and hard-earned money and to root their careers in creativity. Since it began in 2007 in New York City, Actor Salon has gone on to include a community of actors and coaches in Los Angeles and Atlanta.  

With the guidance of the incredible coaches at Actor Salon, you will learn the simple steps you can take to reverse career stagnation, scatter, and overwhelm.

Read the incredible stories of people who have reignited their passion, brought clarity to their career, and experienced the transformation by using Actor Salon's simple strategies. 


I have never been provided information like this in any other class. It is apparent in his enthusiasm and willingness to genuinely help and provide valuable information.


The 7 Wonders exercise was the perfect tool to help me get all the moving parts of my work to flow together. The most valuable part is simply the way Brian took all of these parts of my life and really showed me how to focus and use them instead of feeling scattered


I think the overall energy that Brian creates allows each person to feel comfortable and not judged which is SO important when you do a deep dive into things that are and aren't working with your acting career.

If any of these stories resonate with you, sign up to learn how you can do the same...


Together in one jam-packed day we will explore:


Identify your goals + align your actions + attract the right collaborators + opportunities. You’re talented. You’re good at a lot of things… You *should* do them all right? Too many of us waste time and energy under the seemingly-smart catch-all goal: I want to act! Through our thought provoking and active exercise, we will identify what you really want (TV, Film, VO, Improv, Theatre, etc.) Once we identify your goals and release the by-products/hobbies, we’ll set you on a course to freedom and success through actionable steps.


What *should* you do with your hard-earned money, precious energy, and limited time? Being and Doing: We get it! It’s not always the know-how and how-to that are holding you back from your success.  Who are you being when you take actions to have a fulfilling career and at your most powerful? What actions actually turn into auditions, bookings, and representation?  This is where things get scary/exciting: pushing the boundaries to challenge the limiting beliefs that don’t serve you or your career.


How to make these tools effective and when to call it quits (When am I $%^!*#? done??) These seemingly obvious marketing tools can lead to overwhelm when money and skill are beyond our grasp. We will give you masterful insights - that are specific to you and your goals! With this you will know exactly what your marketing materials need to look like and what you need to do so your tools transform impressions into directly called-in auditions (and how not to waste time and energy overdoing it.)


Don’t just throw money at this! We'll guide you through what should be on your reel and what shouldn’t. Don’t ditch that student film footage yet! Together we will show you how to make a snappy reel that will give you an edge and show you in your best light…without breaking the bank!


Mastery class allowed me take control of my career. It made me more confident and proactive. Now, it all feels manageable. I have a focus, I can organize my time better, and I know that if I feel stuck in any way I have tools to help me. 


Identify your brand and learn how to use it to book you more jobs. What the $?!% is your type? Learning your type frees you to book boatloads of jobs, however, embracing your type can feel like an artistic prison. Our interactive exercise leaves you with an inspiring, clear-cut version of your type, a game plan for putting it into practice and a fresh, focused perspective that will make you sparkle in your next representation meeting, your next audition, and your next shoot.


We'll guide you in creating a database that gets you auditions, offers and better representation.  Also how to identify, create, and cultivate your personal database, (It’s already way bigger than you think!)  And let’s make it easy-to-use and simple to update while we’re at it!


Our ‘How 15 minutes of downtime’ can revolutionize your career, along with proven techniques to get offers instead of auditions. Gain goal focus and clarity (our highly memorable and most often quoted bonus tip!)


Who are your most powerful marketing targets. Surprise! It’s not only casting directors. How you can reach out to the other power players. What’s actually working for other actors? What’s worth sending before/after a workshop or showcase?

If your career is stalled, you suffer from scatter, or overwhelm - or you're looking to enhance your bookings and thrive with rep that raise you up -join us for this one-on-one session.

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"The Mastery Coaching will give you the opportunity to perform a check-up on your career and teach you tangible skills for setting goals that are both thrilling and totally do-able. 

This coaching is all about YOU. Find out what works best for YOU...not me, not your last teacher, not that actor you insta-stalk who makes you feel bad about yourself. Each creative career path is unique, so discover how to set specific goals that work for you, create branding materials that feel AMAZING & RESONANT, and get excited about your career again!"

- Erin Rye |  Actor Salon Coach



A life and career coaching company that supports artists through ongoing mastermind style salons, one-on-one career coaching, and showcases – a powerful platform for actors, writers and creators. Their team of life and career coaches nurture your creativity, focus your business, offer expert how-to's, hold you accountable to your big dreams (and weekly tasks!), and give structure to the otherwise unwieldy world of acting. Actor Salon coaches help hundreds of actors create content, attract an audience, gain auditions, share reels they are proud of, understand and use their personal branding, as well as sign with representation, book roles in film, television, regional theatre, and Off-Broadway, Broadway, and more. Since 2007, Actor Salon has grown to include locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta with Mastery Classes offered at universities across the country and cities like Chicago and San Francisco. 


Actor Salon is most known for it's unique group coaching mastermind groups led by expert life and career coaches. In their work, the coaches combine fierce devotion to the thriving artist, an immediate and unwavering standard of accountability, and keen marketing prowess into a unique environment of empowerment, inspiration, and real-world success.


It was more focused on me and the answers I needed than on a generalized technique. It was like all the mysteries of the industry got revealed! And I really liked that there's structure but also fluidity.


Brian is extremely personal, up-beat, and really cares. He wants what's best for your well-being and gives you tools that you can start using today. He did a an amazing job of establishing a community at a one-day event.


For so long I’ve felt stuck on the hamster wheel that was shoved up in the attic. I can’t say there was one thing that was said or done but all I can say is that your energy, your enthusiasm, your generosity, has been the exact motivation that I’ve needed. 

Your dreams are important to us. 

We do not stand for your playing small; we're not interested in your shooting for a credit on your resume...we give you the push toward fulfillment as an actor and give you the know-how to make your dreams a reality 

You don't have to go it alone. We offer a unique take on the business after a decade of coaching hundreds of creative people around the globe.

We want to hear your story.

Want to see what the buzz is all about before you jump in?


Come splash around with Actor Salon!


You'll meet one of our coaches, be introduced to our community, grab some fresh career know-how, and experience our "you-focused" approach to accountability.


Dip a toe in the pool of possibility by joining us for a complementary audit 

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