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Podcast Recommendations

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

These are a few of our favorite podcasts! If you know of any other great ones, please share with the community!

Industry Town - Brian Norris (our co-founder and Thursday PM salon coach!)

Audrey Helps Actors- So much info about every area of the business!

Off Camera with Sam Jones - Because the best conversations happen Off Camera.

The Business with Kim Masters - This is the top podcast in Hollywood about Hollywood. 

Nerdist Writers Panel - live convention panels and intimate in-studio interviews with the writers, producers, and show runners responsible for all the shows you can't stop watching.

Freakonomics Radio - Math and money. Actors need LOADS AND LOADS of help with understanding numbers.

Guided Meditation - Gabrielle Bernstein

This American Life - It's Not the Product, It's the Person


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