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Need a reader??

This will make your life A LOT easier!

Need A Reader Actor App

Q: What is the Need A Reader Actor App?

A: The Need A Reader Actor App is the first app to connect

actors with readers for auditions, tapings, classes, rehearsals and

practice. Actors get the help they need, and readers get paid. This

free download on iOS or Google Play allows the actor to join the

Need A Reader acting community, and choose a reader that works

best for you, or even become a reader yourself and get paid for

it. Simply register once to become both a user and a potential

reader. Review an actor’s resume, skill set, and personal rating with

just a few quick taps on your phone. Swipe right, add your job

details, hire and schedule – it’s that easy!

Q: How does the Need A Reader Actor App differ from some of

the other acting apps on the market?

Most of the actor apps on the market are individual experiences,

helping actors learn lines. It’s an experience actors are doing by

themselves. The Need A Reader Actor App is very different – it

gives the actors an opportunity to work with other acting

professionals. This app is about getting out of your comfort zone in

prep for your audition. Just like the audition or any coaching, it’s

important to get the scene on it’s feet prior to walking into the

audition room. It’s not the same energy breaking down a scene or

practicing by yourself.

Q: What’s the cost of the app?

The app is free to download on iOS and Google Play. It costs the

user between $5.00 - $15.00 an hour to hire a reader for the hour,

pending on their experience, and a bit more if they need to be put

on tape or request editing services, which are optional, and new to

the app.

Q: How can I become a reader?

Once you register, you become a user of the app and a potential

reader for hire. Just click the yes button under settings for “Show

Me On Need A Reader”, and you are all set. Users will now be able

to see you on the app and hire you based on your skills and

experience. Just turn yourself off if you are unable to be a reader

that day.

Q: What are some of your favorite features on the app?

My favorite feature is the video conferencing feature in our chat

room. Although the app was created for the sole purpose of having

actors come together to work with one another, the video

conferencing app allows you to hire any reader in the country, as

long as they are registered on the app. Just change your current

location under settings, and scroll through your options.






Iphone app link


Google Play app link



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