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Creating a Self-Tape Setup!

Here are some recommendations for creating a bomb at home self-tape setup:

We recommend using the most current iPhone! The camera quality just keep getting better and better. Androids as well!

Why do you need a mic? If you dont have one then your reader will be much louder than you because they are closer to the camera and that sucks. This mic is affordable, has great reviews and plugs right into your iPhone.

Lighting is a MUST! We recommend a ring light for ease of travel and it’s also got a dimmer on it which makes it ideal for changing the mood of your audition. (Brighter for comedy. Darker for drama.) But if you are looking for a soft box we recommend at least a two light setup.

This attachment mount screws into your tripod and holds your phone.  

Gotta have a tripod!

If you get a ring light you will need a light stand!

You have to have this weird little ball attachment to attach the ring light to your iPhone camera mount so you can tilt it up and down. 

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