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Caffeinate your STARmeter

Are you sick of not being cast because you don’t have enough followers?

Doing “begging posts” asking your friends to click on your IMDb?

Yearning to improve your social platforms but cannot motivate to spend the time?


I’d like to introduce...

A company that sends real organic traffic to your IMDb page to improve your ranking while getting you exposure to new fans. Since IMDb is a leading resource where the industry sources new talent, it's more important than ever that your industry reputation matches your goals, and that you market yourself to the industry on a consistent basis. While they’re at it, they'll help you get the ball rolling on social media too.

For a limited time, BoostMyStar is offering a special to my tribe (YOU!)...


There are no strings attached and you can cancel the plan at any time. Simply go to, select the tier of service you want, and use the coupon code ACTORSALON to activate this limited time offer.


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