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group coaching

for  Actors

Salon Online

Salon Online is a rigorous accountability group and coaching program, that supports creative individuals, artists and entrepreneurs while they ignite their career, define and focus their goals, and actively seek holistic and financial fulfillment  - all while fostering a supportive community through online forums, shared resources, and online video conference calls.

You’re ready to “clock-in” to your career… from anywhere.

Bright Ideas

Each session you'll leave full of new ideas, fresh perspectives, and fancy new ways to make it work... plus ongoing support from your salon.


Marketing materials that are based on the truth of your purpose, attract your tribe, and always scream "YOU!"


While we meet as a group, the attention is focused on you. We will thoughtfully customize tasks to garner results that resonate.


Can I get a witness?!? Hearing others tell the tale of their challenges empowers you to shortcut your way to success. 

Thrive with Group Coaching Bi-Weekly + Online

Salon Online provides a virtual meeting of the minds – regardless of location! – a safe space to connect, collaborate, and commune with like-minded go-getters under the direction of an expert coach. Each session you can count on rigorous accountability, personalized coaching, step-by-step progress, and a healthy dose of boundary-pushing. You’ll get clear with 15-minutes dedicated to crafting laser-focused plans of action that serve your specific professional and personal six-month goals and hold you accountable for implementing those tasks.

A bi-weekly online conference video mastermind group. Limited to six people.



• bi-weekly, you-focused life and career coaching in a group setting


• weekly recording of session


• simple make-up policy

• private facebook group with your fellow six salon members

• private facebook group with salon members worldwide

Talk to Me

Spaces in my online salons are limited to six people.

Shoot me an email and we'll figure out if there's a spot for you! 

Thanks! Message sent.


Salon online is perfect for an independent thinker – a person who desires deeper fulfillment from her career, is interested in taking her business to the next level, seeks answers about her life purpose and direction, and is willing to function from abundance instead of fear.

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