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Strike Edition!

A one day class designed to help you TAKE CONTROL of your life and career and exit this tumultuous season with new goals, new materials, new skills, new reps and whatever else your heart desires. 
8/26  |  11am-1pm PT
Lead by Erin Rye
Capped at 6 Participants


a clear understanding of how to use your casting types to create stronger relationships and book more work.

a database that makes sense - and actually keeps you connected in your industry relationships - so you can "cash in" on opportunities and quit spinning your wheels.

concrete ways to use your branding, networking and marketing IMMEDIATELY to land dream reps, make impressions with casting directors and book more work​.

goal setting strategies that will help you ditch the scatter and keep you focused and moving forward. 


 a way to nail your next agent meeting with a simple two-part system that is guaranteed to leave an impression and communicate who you are and what you want.

inspiration to carry you forward throughout the strike. 


"Hot labor summer has been WILD, y’all! As much I personally think labor movements are awesome, I can’t deny that this has been a really complicated and confusing time too. You might be feeling joy and community and solidarity out on the picket lines while also feeling despondent about your prospects for episodic season. You might be wondering if there will even BE an episodic season this year! You might be feeling angry, maybe at the greed of massive media conglomerates, maybe also at the fact that you felt like you were on the BRINK of breaking through and booking that first Guest Star! You might have even auditioned for something incredible just days before SAG-AFTRA went on strike and are wondering if that job even exists now. ALL these feelings are valid. I feel them too!

This is where we get to make a choice about who we want to be. Do I want to allow outside forces to stall my creativity and leave me feeling stuck? Do I want to throw up my hands and say “oh well, can’t do anything now I guess!” and come out of this strike in the EXACT SAME PLACE I started? Do I want to give in to the voice that says “you’re not good enough anyway” and create a story that this strike is a sign from the universe that I suck? OR…do I want to TAKE CONTROL of my life and my career and leave this tumultuous season—and it is just a season—with new goals, new materials, new skills, new reps and whatever else my heart desires???

There is SO MUCH we can do without needing to beg permission from the big gatekeepers at the networks and studios. In the past few weeks I’ve had clients sign with new reps (YES during a strike!), produce and film an entirely new reel, re-edit their existing reel to showcase new work, book commercials, rediscover their love of theater, get together with other actors to create their own projects, dive into voice over and audiobook recording, get their films on the festival circuit, take BOMB new headshots, and much MUCH more. The world hasn’t stopped. There’s so much we can do.

Come join me in August and we will discover the things that YOU can do."

- Erin

A bit about Erin:

A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Erin is passionate about sharing her voice in many areas of the entertainment industry. She has written, directed, and produced numerous projects including award-winning short films, music videos, television pilots and even a documentary film. As an actor, you might have seen her on HBO's VEEP and Hulu's Dimension 404, as well as numerous webseries, shorts, and commercials. Or in the theater, where she specializes in witches. Erin has been working with Actor Salon since 2016 and also works with private clients from all walks of life. She has trained at the Coaches Training Institute and has led workshops at Pepperdine University, Columbia College Chicago, and One on One/Next Level. In her downtime she sings with Grammy-nominated music group, The Silver Lake Chorus and takes long RV trips with her rescued pit bull.

Kristin S.webp

Kristin S.

A year ago I was living in LA completely lost on how to break into the business. I was un-repped, no reel, mediocre headshots, and just aimlessly self-submitting, hoping that some miracle would happen. The miracle that DID happen was finding Erin Rye. Erin has helped shape my path by encouraging me to push the boundaries. She will definitely be on my thank you list at the Emmys one day!

Keller w_edited.jpg

Keller W.

Working with Erin has been so helpful during this time of unprecedented stress and upheaval!  She has been wonderful at not only helping guide me in my creative and artistic endeavors, but also helping me put them into the emotional and logistical context of our current world.  Erin is always thoughtful, positive, and encouraging.  She also has great instincts and considerations that are constructive for both my career as an actor and for achieving my overall life goals.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach!

Francis C.jpg

Francis C.

When I first joined Actor Salon I was looking for a bit more accountability with my week to week goals. I was also looking for new ways to approach the work I’ve been doing for years as an actor already… But what I found was an incredibly perceptive and insightful life coach. The kind of coach that can read an individual’s needs just by looking at them… that is YOU! You’ve guided me into creating my first short film, writing my first pilot, and next year producing a feature film that I get to star in. The biggest thing I realized while working with you is that if the industry isn’t knocking, just build your own industry. Be the star of your work.


you are doing great work in class, but can’t seem to find reps you love (and who love you BACK!)

you want to set yourself up for auditions that you know you can knock out of the park once the strikes are over

are in a creative slump while you wait out the negotiations and want to start something new that is both fulfilling AND good for your career.

are searching for what to do to take CONTROL during this tulmultous time.

We are no-nonsense career coaches who will skip the fluff and get right to the big stuff: how people see you, how to use this to land your dream reps and book more work. Our goal is to help you spend less time trying to figure out why you aren't booking and more time on set doing what you love - acting. 
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