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"What's My Type?"

Branding Intensive

A One Day Workshop To Master Your Branding So You Can Start Booking
Four Hour Intensive
Capped at 20 Participants


a clear understanding of your casting type. 

tons of adjectives and prototypes that precisely articulate your product.

concrete ways to use your branding IMMEDIATELY to land dream reps, make impressions with casting directors and book more work​.

a simple method to lock in different facets of your branding...because we know that you bring a lot to the table and we want to make sure you know how to share all of it with the industry.

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Genevieve F.

This is THE Branding workshop to join to understand more clearly about targeting your unique marketing and to get great feedback from others how you show up, what others see in you and to have a clearer idea of what roles to be targeting. Very much needed to be successful in the business side of acting!

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Dustin S. 

A really effective and fun way to learn about your casting and type! Being exposed to many wonderful people who don't know you helps for an authentic response that gave me a lot to look at and think about.

5 Stars on Yelp.

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Mapuana M. 

The Branding Intensive really helped me figure out my casting. Now I know the headshot I need, what needs to be in the front of my reel and what my style is. The advice is invaluable.


Robyn Lynn Norris

The Branding Workshop was a terrific way to get feedback while meeting people for the first time. I walked away with a good understanding of my next steps in aligning with my brand. Also, met some great people. And it was fun!


Mitchell M. 

Super concise, real time feedback that gives you the direction you need to move forward in your career, wherever you are at!

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Mark C. 

The "What's my type?" Branding Workshop was highly beneficial and gave me a path to usher my career into.


are talented but can't seem to secure representation they are excited about

want to get auditions that they know they can knock out of the park and move away from the "how the heck did my agent submit me for this" auditions

feel like there are hundreds of other actors just like them and can't pinpoint what sets them apart 

have been told "we don't know what to do with you" in meetings or workshops 

We are no-nonsense career coaches who will skip the fluff and get right to the big stuff: how people see you, how to use this to land your dream reps and book more work. Our goal is to help you spend less time trying to figure out why you aren't booking and more time on set doing what you love - acting. 
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