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Tim Ferriss and How to Develop Mental Toughness: Lessons from 7 Titans

21 Proven Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

14 Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes

The 10 Commandments of Brainstorming

The Power of Rational Thinking

The Messy Minds of Creative People

How Our Brains Stop Us From Achieving Our Goals (And How to Fight Back)

Lateral Thinking

8 Common Thinking Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day and How To Prevent them

Scumbag Brain ” target=”_blank

Forget Mindfulness, Stop Trying to Find Yourself and Start Faking It 


"Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice for Struggling Artists

7 Million-Dollar Habits of the Super Successful

How to be Successful: 6 New Shortcuts Backed by Research

Molly Crabapple's 15 rules for creative success in the Internet age

How Love and Integrity Make Success

Process is Primary

How One Director Built A Community, Made Art and Became Oscar-Nominated (Beasts of The Southern Wild)

Avoiding Failure: 7 Tips NOT to Try to Please Everybody

10 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People

The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Imposter Syndrome

Upper Limit Problem

Get That Life: How I Became "Flo" From the Progressive Commercials



One minute audio and visual article by Ira Glass

Your Fear is Boring by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Tim Ferriss Story - The Journey Of an Accidental Author

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

The War of Art (excerpt) by Steven Pressfield



11 Fears Every Working Actor Must Overcome - Backstage

I Can't Go On! What's Behind Stagefright? - The New Yorker

Nerves and Narcissism - The BGB Studio

The Actor's Fatal Mistake by Steven Braun, The BGB Studio

Casting Director Paul Russell on the importance of mail

Why Stars Don't Matter - And Never Have

6 Ways To Live In The Moment As An Actor - Backstage

Your Personal Brand - The Next Step to Anything

6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Agent - Backstage

Indio-American Actor Aasif Mandvi Talks About Climbing The Hollywood Ladder But Failing To Be A Snake-Charmer!

How Changing Your Outlook Can Change Your Career our-outlook-can-change-your-acting-career

Why Struggling Actors Need to Produce

Casting Directors Just Want Love too

Advice on Launching an Independent Career: an Open Letter to an Actor

In Praise of Character Actors

"Google The Shit Success Story"

Ready, Set, Act!

How To Be An Actor Without A Day Job' Webinar Teaches Actors To Quit Serving



MovieMaker’s Fourth Annual Guide to Digital Distribution: A Game of Thrones

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom on Going Viral and the Best Day to Drop a Video

One Way or Another: Why I Released My Film for Free on YouTube

5 Huge Mistakes You'll Make in the Film and TV Business

5 Cons Filmmakers Fall For

5 things to Keep in Mind When Making a Micro-Budget Movie

5 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Five Steps to Making Anything Go Viral

50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, 2014

Next Generation of Movie Stars on Youtube

Raindance Los Angeles



The Art of the Follow Up Email

Get Distracted Easily? It Might Just Mean You’re More Creative Than the Rest of Us

Morning Routines of the Most Successful People

Famous to the Family

Morning Routine: Little Hacks with Big Results

The Maker's Schedule

Why One Life Hack Can Change Everything

4 Invaluable Benefits to Accountability in Groups

Productivity 101: A Primer to The Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy

How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible

How to be Profilic: Guidelines for Getting It Done by Joss Whedon

Improve your Willpower to Reach Your Goals, Keep New Year Resolutions


Reducing Decisions to Focus Better

What Successful People Do First Hour of Their Workdays" target="_blank



The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself - And All the Women Around You by Elizabeth Gilbert

How to practice Self-compassion

A New Definition of Happiness

Anne Lamott's Facebook Post - What We Need To Hear

Not By Willpower Alone


A Navy SEAL Explains 8 Secrets To Grit And Resilience

7 Things Never to Say to Someone Who's Suffering from Anxiety

Are You Secretly Judgmental Of Others? Why It’s An Important Clue About Your Inner World




7 Metaphors to Help Understand Being an Entrepreneur

20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create

Why Everyone Will Have To Become an Entrepreneur

College's Priceless Value

Show Your Work

Amanda Palmer Takes Connecting With Her Fans to a New Level -

The Art of Non-Conformity » Fame vs. Community: The Small Army Model

The 7 Pillars of Connecting With Absolutely Anyone

How To Network Effectively

How To Follow Up After Meeting Someone In Person

The God Molecule

Build Better Relationships

Fake It Til You Make It!

Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

What Your E-mail Address Says of You to Others

Casting Director Paul Russell's blog for actors

The Secret to Social Media

One Word That Can Damage Your Credibility

Ms. In The Biz

Great articles about the business - from self producing, to being accountable to learning stories of success.

3 Things: Show Your Work Edition

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